ACM SIGCHI Summer School on

User Modeling and Personalization in Urban Computing

September 9-13, 2019

Barcelona, Spain


Tentative Schedule

    • Monday
      • Morning
        • Introduction to the summer school.
        • Lecture on “Urban Computing: concepts, applications and methodologies”
        • Lecture on “Crowdsensing and its applications to smart cities”
      • Afternoon:
        • Student Working Groups. Hands-on experience with a mobile app and analysis of the gathered location-based data. Discussion on the most effective techniques for the visualization and analysis of geo-data.
        • Evening: welcome dinner.
    • Tuesday
      • Morning
        • Lecture on “An overview of cross-domain data fusion”.
        • Lecture on “Social media meets urban computing”.
      • Afternoon:
        • Interactive tutorial on data analytics for behavioural urban data.
    • Wednesday
      • Morning
        • Lecture on “Data-driven urban planning. Discovering urban functional zones based on human mobility”.
      • Afternoon:
        • Round table with novel uses of the physical web and student pitches of future apps based on this emerging technology.
        • Social event
    • Thursday
      • Morning
        • Lecture on “User modeling for location-based services”
        • Students work on adaptive services and design on personalized systems
      • Afternoon:
        • Lecture on "Personalized spatial support for people with special needs".
        • Students work on the design of a personalized location-based service for people with cognitive/physical disabilities
    • Friday
      • Morning:
        • Lecture on “The Spirit of The City”.
        • Hackathon/Datathon.
      • Afternoon:
        • Final student presentations and discussion on building a sustainable online community around the summer school topic (e.g. through social media).
        • Closing event.